Odd Observations from a Skewed Perspective

Follow suit. Especially bathing suits.


Do you see the clouds boil against the sky and come crashing to the earth in great and magnificent waves?

Do you see the leading edge like the underbelly of the sea’s fury, churning with dark laughter framed in jagged splintering teeth?
There, is where I will be.
Dispatched to this edge, this blood soaked band of gems twisting along the errant coastline,

I’ll stand: the last watch, letting go of what I am to become what I could be.
Do you feel it?

The swell of the Fujin drawing breath, pulling against the old tragedies of the body.

It tugs against the curled handle I squeeze in my grip


purling inside the canopy,

It rips tears and testimonies and empty conquests,

leaving me bitter and raw as the first race of running patterers dance across the water surface.

It reminds me to breathe.

The storm is coming.

It is time to cross over.

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