Odd Observations from a Skewed Perspective

Follow suit. Especially bathing suits.

About me…


The art of the written word begins as something organic. With pen touching paper, it is flowing and flawed, and very, very human. Transferal to digital media dehumanizes the written word in fonts and liquid crystal anonymity. In our anonymity, we can peruse the sights that could be socially inappropriate freely, and say the things that would be personally inappropriate, things we would never say to a person in an elevator.


Possibly because that person might shank you. Or, you know, because it would be a shitty thing to do. Just so you know, it’s still a shitty thing to do, even if it is text on a screen.


Here, I attempt to re-humanize the written word.


Writing about myself is very difficult, as it probably is for many. I honestly would rather tease a tale out of the random piece of charcoal on the floor (why the hell haven’t I cleaned that up yet?) than write about myself. Many folk include political affiliations, religious beliefs or sexual orientations, but I’ve never been in any closet whatsoever regarding my personal views. It’s likely to be obvious in my work, so I will refrain from pointing it out here.


I write.


I write because stories wake me out of dead sleep with the urge to scribble (much to the dismay of those currently occupying my sheets).


I write because there are voices that want me to tell their stories.


So here I am.


What I am is a little harder to define.


I am an Anthropologist. Go look it up.


I spent six years of my life studying, capital H, Humanity. I am fascinated by the human creature, and so studied, from the inside out, from philosophy to religion to physiology (and all that lies between). I became rapt with the story of Humanity through time, and so continue my pursuit into Archaeology.


There are stories to be found, conjured, and shared. Minds will be changed and butterflies will invoke hurricanes.


Or am I getting ahead of myself?



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