Odd Observations from a Skewed Perspective

Follow suit. Especially bathing suits.

She said “Speak English”

She said “Speak English”

And I blinked

into her face the incredulous and the ignorant

Saw the atrophy of the spoken word

and Raged

She said “Speak English”

Has your tongue become so lazy

Your mind so hazy

That you cannot recognize

the language in which you speak?

She said “Speak English”

I open my mouth

And a dance falls out

Full Fred Astaire

Tip tapping around your intellect

I careen with subtlety

right under your nose

And whisper hyperbole

Far over your gaze

I won’t yoke my tongue

to your dull plow

Following the same furrows

Your grand daddy laid out

My head exists beyond your scope

your influence, your reach

Following footsteps in ether

You can’t possibly track

Wondering why the same evils befall

your corner of the world  

because you cannot be bothered

to explore the language I speak

that you speak

when you tell me to 

speak English

Demanding I share your ignorance.

I refuse. 

Grab a dictionary,

Grab a book,

Delight in the wonders of knowledge

that lay at your fingertips

learn new things, new words

so that when I flex my 

silvered muscle

You will rise

And you too, 

will speak English.

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