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Follow suit. Especially bathing suits.

DL takes on the #IceBucketChallenge

It is saturating the Internet. The #IceBucketChallenge has swept the American consciousness with a new, innovative idea for awareness and fundraising.

Some people think it’s stupid. Others have criticized this as American vanity and wastefulness, rather than charity. Shall I FedEx my Aquafina to Africa? If you’re concerned about the water conditions on another continent (again, please do not speak as if Africa were one big lesser developed country, it’s really demeaning), take up a collection and come up with some new and innovative way that makes use of the modernity of communication to improve the lives you want to improve. Humanity is measured in how you help those less fortunate than one’s self.

Yet, Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times purports that “the ice bucket challenge may be diverting needed dollars from worthier causes.” Such judgement. Who are you to say those that suffer with a progressive and life altering disease such as ALS is unworthy?

How does it differ from me choosing a pink lid on my yogurt to support the Susan G. Komen breast cancer society, or purchasing a puzzle ribbon for Autism? Charity Navigator can tell me where my money goes and how it’s used and the ASLA has a high rating. of financial transparency.

It may be Machiavellian, but it works. Funding charities improves lives. Sons, daughters, mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers who all have special needs and their families with special needs to be with the people they love one more day. Take it from the families themselves.

How many more people are talking about ALS today? Even if it is just to complain about the deluge of ice water soaking the interwebs? What I see is connections – people are reaching out to others, asking them to do something a little fun and ridiculous in the name of someone else who is suffering, and they are doing it.  That. Is. Humanity.

I don’t have a lot of extra money. Much of it is spent keeping my small corner of the world turning. However, if it would help one, just one, more person by dumping a bucket of ice over my head, well … here you have it. DL Style.

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