Odd Observations from a Skewed Perspective

Follow suit. Especially bathing suits.

Coordination or the lack thereof

Mother didn’t name me Grace.

There’s probably a very good reason. It is likely that in my mother’s hazy twilight memory of my birth I tumbled from her womb with all of the panache of a baby giraffe. She might have thought, in that demerol induced moment, that this child, this girl child, is no cygnet given to seamless and striking beauty. Nope. Not she.

In my subsequent and wholly unintentional trips to the ER for stupidly preventable injuries (one such acquired while there in the ER waiting room), I continued to test my mortality with mundane weapons of mass destruction.

You know, like a spoon? In my defense, it was a serrated grapefruit spoon.

So, when my daughter informed me today that she was wounded by corn dog, I knew that adage about apple’s and trees had something invariably to do with it.

I’m sorry, child. You never had a chance.


  admmoore2000 wrote @

We can buy her a helmet. Might protect against agressive corn dogs.

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  Christina Bourgeois wrote @

Haha! This was funny 🙂 thanks for sharing


  D L Rivermoore wrote @

Thanks for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it


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