Odd Observations from a Skewed Perspective

Follow suit. Especially bathing suits.

The power of pedicures.

“Girl, what is up with your toenails?”

Allow me to explain. I’m not exactly girly. In fact, other than breeding, I rather suck at being a typical, processed American female. As a child I was always up a tree, as an adult I aspire to dig holes for a living, sift dirt and play with the tinkertoys of yestercenturies. Not until my thirties, have I learned to successfully apply the tribal warpaint of the average American woman. Foundation, blush and shadow are adequately, not artfully, applied and the jury is still out on liquid eyeliner. Some days I can pull off the look; other days I’m fair certain I’m just Pennywise with boobs.

Also, I am a Floridian. 99.5% of my days are spent barefoot. Yes. I am aware of the risks. I have my own private nag nurse that informs me constantly.

On this day, after not seeing (and speaking little) in the past seven years, my cousins do not greet me with fond hellos and hugs and how you’ve beens.

Nope. Not in my family. That would be too predictable.

So quickly was I ushered into a seat and had my feet seized that I was more than a little dizzy. They fawned over the disastrous state of my toenails (are you seeing velociraptors yet?), buffed and scraped and cleaned and polished. Greetings come in several flips and flavors, quite often entailing food and whether or not someone had eaten. Today, it was feet. The state of life and affairs was exchanged over a little loving personal care that I rarely offer myself. By the time my wiggling little piggys were all glossy and colorful shades of femininity, the seven years had fallen away as if they’d never been, drying in the sun like an afternoon shower. There were smiles and laughs enough to crack my face, and I remembered what it was like to be a part of a larger group of shared blood.

You may be surprised to know, that I am a rather black sheep. I know, I know, right?! Who me?

For whatever reason, by virtue of blood or bone or deed unknown, I’ve not shared in that extended family since my mother’s passing. A little laughter, sunshine, and nail polish did much to resurrect that connection in me.

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  admmoore2000 wrote @

Love follows no rules- love ya babe.
-your nag nurse


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