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Conspiracy, Cancer, and Human Experiments … Oh my!

Food is essential.

I’m not saying this just because I like food. Well, I do like food. A lot. Like, a stalk your refrigerator in the dark of night kind of relationship. However, I am fortunate and count my blessings daily that I have consistent access to a diet that is (potentially) healthy and diverse. So long as I don’t try to subsist on wine and dark chocolate alone, I should live to a ripe old age. Right?

Perhaps not. A mother’s diet during conception is scientifically linked to the behavior in the DNA of her unborn. I have mentioned before that my family hails from Puerto Rico where it has been muttered amongst them that Monsanto had been pushing their recombinant growth hormone experiments during the 40s.

I became curious regarding the validity of this claim and began to mine the internet for clues. It seems as though Big Chem has been playing diety in the islands for some time, alongside the US Department of Defense. Human experimentation included injecting patients with cancer cells, forced birth control and female sterilization.

Hormones in the milk production is not news, but it is the extent of which, in rural Puerto Rico, affected the surrounding population. Namely, my ancestry. According to family, my mother developed secondary sexual characteristics when young girls should be playing with dolls. Being noticed in an overly sexual manner in a markedly gender biased culture gave her issues with self image and worth, sapped her self confidence, and forever impacted her self esteem.

Irregardless of the psychological effects of early onset puberty, the far reaching physiological ramifications are still being discovered. In the 80s, Dr. Carmen A. Saenz published, in the Journal of the Puerto Rico Medical Association, on “precocious puberty” displayed in four year old girls (some boys as well) with breasts, menstruation, and overdeveloped sexual organs. In most cases, the symptoms receded after the children stopped drinking the local milk.

My mother and grandmother both died due to complications regarding cancer. What is the validity, if any, of the Monsanto growth hormone experiment claim? Would the epigenic consequence of these experiments be disastrous? Is there a ghost in the genes haunting mine, and subsequently my childrens’, future? If so, this needs to be known.

These are the questions I’m posing the Internet. The evidence is out there, but how and who could help me find it?

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