Odd Observations from a Skewed Perspective

Follow suit. Especially bathing suits.

Applied Brains

Not that I have any problem with the pursuit of philosophy, nor am I disparaging philosophers, but it is in my opinion that there is a valuable amount of grey matter energy that is directed in this endeavor that could be .. I don’t know, curing cancer?

I know that someone has to figure out exactly why “snow is white” if and only if the snow really is white. There has to be the scholarly pursuit of the eternal “why” of names and definite descriptors and articles of expression within the American English language. There really is an intellectual necessity for those who devote their lives to the love of wisdom and knowledge.

I am personally pleased that it is not my passion.

I. Am. Choking. On. The. Academese.

I thought anthropologists were bad about using extraneous modifiers, honorifics and excessive quantifiers and qualifiers all throughout their scholarly interpretation of humanity. Humanity, being of fluid nature and difficult definition, seems to imply the necessity of complex correlative contemplation (Points for academic alliteration).

Never have I had to forcibly cram such superfluous vocabulary down my gullet with the vague hopes of academically regurgitating some semblance of an understanding for a proper participation grade. I look toward the end and the term writing with some trepidation as I will be required to do the same. I already lose enough sleep on statements like  “Present King of France” and the dogmas of empiricism that’s rolling around in my skull lacking any real tether and so lost to the rest of the fluff that is compacted between my ears.

I have a passion for the scholarly arts. I do. It is simply in my opinion that the energy required to analyze the predicates of analytic and synthetic truths of language could be applied towards applicable human necessity. Perhaps I am not seeing the forest for the trees, and sitting in the ground zero of classroom dynamic, I’m suffering an indistinguishable skewed perspective. I may pull this knowledge out of the annals of my mind, blow off the dust, and crack the lid and find treasure. For now, I devote my time and energy into my personally preferable venues.

However, those usually end in blurred vision and equally blurred memories.

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